First Milestone: Accomplished

The journey continues. This morning I received two new donations to my education fund, putting me closer to making my dream of starting the doctoral program in counseling psychology this fall 2011 a reality. This means that the first milestone has been accomplished as my fund is now at 5.25% from the total goal after the page has been alive for only one week


5 % may not seem like much, but keep in mind that the total goal of $25 thousand is no pocket change. In fact, 5 % is a huge number to me, keeping in mind that it came from the generous hands of 22 friends, and the collaboration of many others who have shared my page with their Facebook, Twitter, and email contacts.

5 % is a very significant number, and it is beyond what I thought would be possible in just one week. Now, with 22 pushes that have made it easier to walk 5% of the way , I continue this journey. I’m confident that we will soon arrive at another milestone, and your support fuels me and assures me that this is possible.

You raised $1,313.00

5.25% to Goal

Overall Goal: $25,000.00

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