Two Sides, One Reality

Last week, I was interviewed for an article for the State Press, Arizona State University’s paper. While they got my side of the story right, an inevitable comment from someone who doesn’t fully understand our (DREAMers) situation was also published.

You can read the article here:

In response to that, I just want to clarify that there is no alternative to the DREAM Act for students, like me, to gain legal status. While a real solution to the immigration issue fails to arrive, students like me cannot apply what we’ve learned to a profession and dreams of an education often die ashore.

While there are two sides to the immigration issue, there is only one undeniable reality about education.  Education is positive for our communities, states, for this country, for the world.

You can contribute to my dream of an education by donating to my fund and sharing it with your contacts Education, shall never be a two sided issue.


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