One Big Step at a Time

Switching Focus to Immediate Goal of $12,500 to start the doctoral program in the fall. Overall goal still $25,000 for both semester during first year. 

$25,000 is no small number, perhaps too large of a number to work toward is such a short amount of time. The fundraiser webpage and blog have been up for a little over a month. With the help of great friends and supporters the fundraiser had a great start and has been running very well. Now, it is important to acknowledge that goals have to be realistic and coherent in terms of the time window. To fund-raise $25k by August, which is when I start the doctoral program, might be too idealistic a goal, unless a miracle happens.

For this reason, I am splitting my fundraising goal. Let’s focus on the immediate goal of $12,50o which is the amount needed for school in the fall. Then we can focus on fundraising the other $12.5k before the start of the spring semester.

This new focus puts us at 28% from our new goal. We get closer everyday.

What do you think about this? Can you help me get to $12,500 by the start of the fall semester in mid August? 

Every donation counts, whether it is $10 or $1000. Let’s keep walking together!!


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