Speeding Up for the Last 20

Only 20 more days until the start of the doctoral program. There is still much ground to walk and little time is left. This moment feels like the last few laps of a demanding yet invigorating race, the race to raise the funds I need to start the doc program this fall. What do you do when the finish line is just around the corner? If you don’t think the race is worth it than you slow down and give up. But when the  race signifies nothing less than a brighter future and the realization of the dream to help others, then you speed up. This moment, last few laps, is the point in the race when you give your all.

What am I doing? I’m looking into every possibility that could help me pick up the pace. I am applying to a couple of scholarships that are due at the end of the month, the problem is that most scholarships are given to undergrads as the assumption is that doctoral students have funding. I would receive funding from my program or apply to a fellowship, grant, or loan, but my immigration status gets in the way. So, I’m reaching out to as many people as I can. I have to speed up because I have been given the opportunity to run in this race, and if I don’t finish, there might not be another chance.

 I am sincerely thankful to have the chance to study in one of the best programs in psychology in the country I love and call home. I can become a psychologist that will eventually help many others, but I need the funds to start the program on August 18. The truth is, I’m not fast enough to get there by August 18th, not without your strength. Can you help me pick up the pace by making a donation to my education fund today?

Please share widely with all your Facebook, Twitter, and Email contacts.

Thank you!


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