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Happy Holidays!!

Dear friends and supporters, my best wishes to you and your loved ones! May you enjoy the holidays spending time with those who are important to you and may 2012 bring you the blessings you deserve.

This has been a very important year for me in terms of my education and also in other areas of my life. As of last Monday, I finished my first semester in the doctoral program in counseling psychology at ASU. It was an intense semester, full of unexpected challenges, but I was able to finish with good grades in all 5 classes I enrolled.

2011 Has been a generous year to me, a year when my DREAMs came true. But I would not have been able to make it this far without your support. I want to take this special time to thank all of those who shared my blog and page, those who posted about me on Facebook and Twitter, those who opened doors and invited me to events to share my story, the media coverage, my family, friends, my love, and those whose finances allowed them to donate to my fund. My DREAM of studying in this PhD program is now real, and I will be sure to keep up my effort to make you proud.

I will continue to chase my DREAM of becoming a psychologist in 2012, this is a long and challenging program, and I like every day I study in it. The task of raising funds should be less taxing from now on, as love and life are giving me an opportunity to focus on my studies and have access to other sources of funding.

One of my resolutions for this coming year is to help other DREAMers get to college, and of course to keep fighting for the long overdue DREAM Act. I hope you help me spread the word and  help other students in need. This year has shown that the impossible is attainable when we come together for a common cause. If we believe, we can achieve!

Happy Holidays and thank you for believing!


Chris Weitz Talks to DREAMers

Writer and film director Chris Weitz came to ASU to show his film “A Better Life” and also to meet and listen to the stories of DREAMers and our struggles here in AZ. Weitz is the director behind hits such as “About A Boy,” “American Pie” and “The Golden Compass.” Here’s the coverage by Univision:

On ABC 15

Here’s a recent interview in reaction to a poll by ASU’s Morrison Institute of Public Policy, which shows that the majority of Arizonan’s support legalization of undocumented immigrants. Pearce’s Recall and this poll give me hope that the local climate about immigration is beginning to change . But of course, we need the courage and cooperativeness of State and Federal legislators to work on DREAM Act and immigration reform.

Here’s a link to the poll

Waking Up in America

 A couple of weeks there was a report about me on Despierta America (Spanish for wake up America), which is Univision’s national morning news and entertainment show.

You can see the interview in the link below. Second part is coming soon!  

Could AZ DREAM like CA?

Congrats to the DREAMer brothers and sisters in California for the passage of your local DREAM Act. I’m glad your state has finally recognized that it makes sense to provide opportunities for so many talented DREAMers who have the potential of doing good things for this country in the near future.

I wish our legislative leaders in AZ had the courage to DREAM like CA and unite their people for a common cause, the intellectual and economic progress of this state. I think AZ is tired of divisive laws and policies and that’s why positive changes are currently happening in our state. I’m positive that we can arrive to a good place, like California did, if AZ voters ask their representatives to start moving in the right direction.

Here’s an interview that aired on the local CBS on Sunday. They show my opinion as a DREAMer, and the opinion of someone who’s against immigration.

Latino Perspectives Profile

Latino Perspectives Magazine also writes a profile on my story on their anniversary month. You can read it at this link:

1st Page in AZ Republic

Dear friends, the AZ Republic published an article about my story today on the very 1st page. You can see it on AZ central at this link

Thank you for the continued support!