Could AZ DREAM like CA?

Congrats to the DREAMer brothers and sisters in California for the passage of your local DREAM Act. I’m glad your state has finally recognized that it makes sense to provide opportunities for so many talented DREAMers who have the potential of doing good things for this country in the near future.

I wish our legislative leaders in AZ had the courage to DREAM like CA and unite their people for a common cause, the intellectual and economic progress of this state. I think AZ is tired of divisive laws and policies and that’s why positive changes are currently happening in our state. I’m positive that we can arrive to a good place, like California did, if AZ voters ask their representatives to start moving in the right direction.

Here’s an interview that aired on the local CBS on Sunday. They show my opinion as a DREAMer, and the opinion of someone who’s against immigration.


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